Company Profile

At ‘aura’ we provide design-led, reliable and cost effective residential and commercial ‘intelligent building’ solutions.  These innovatively combine the control of heating, lighting, blinds and access control to increase occupier comfort, energy efficiency and security.

Our solutions remove the complexities of intelligent home technologies to provide an elegant and intuitive user experience. They are also engineering to enable growth and the addition of new facilities or repurposing over time, if necessary.

Working with our clients we design and deliver professional ‘intelligent building’ solutions to complement their lifestyle aspirations.  We offer a suite of fully configured and tested home and office solutions and the capability to undertake bespoke projects, from a single location to an entire building.

Intelligent Buildings

An ‘intelligent building’ comprises the systems required to provide a comfortable, energy efficient and secure living environment, with a minimum of user intervention. Historically heating, lighting and shading systems have existed in relative isolation.

Our ‘intelligent home’ solutions co-ordinate these capabilities in an optimum way based on changeable factors. This includes the intelligent control of fixtures based on occupancy, time of day, temperature and light levels.

The result is a comfortable, energy efficient and secure living environment provided in a non- intrusive manner. Allied to this is the potential for remote control, automating routine time consuming activities, and optimising energy use and costs.

Intelligent Solutions

We deliver ‘intelligent building’ solutions using a structured approach which focuses on the customer requirements but leverages a suite of standard building configurations. In this way we refine a best of breed offering to cost effectively achieve our customers’ goals.

Our approach to delivering projects caters for a variety of projects, from an apartment to a large mansion, and for a variety of customers from experienced architects and consultants to ‘intelligent home’ newcomers.

Our solutions are supplied as fully tested installer friendly packages, which removes the need for conventional wall switches, heating thermostats and blind controllers. This provides a platform which can be enhanced in the future, if required.

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