ONYX Apartment

The ONYX Apartment provides a ‘smart home’ for a two bedroom apartment which includes the local and remote control of lighting, shades, heating and ventilation.

Features that distinguish the ONYX Apartment are intelligent occupancy/time based lighting, heating/cooling and shading. These facilities are controlled from a touch panel supporting standard room configurations, and connection from a smart phone.

The switch plates are finished in white glass or black glass contemporary cover frames; the legends for which are supplied based on the standard configuration but may be customised on request.

The ONYX Apartment is primarily designed as a standalone offering which can be integrated with the DoorEntry option. The management of multiple apartments in a condominium scenario can also be catered for by the BuildingManagement option.

The ONYX Apartment options include:

  • AccessControl – integration with an audio/video door entry system to display who is at the door and control access
  • BuildingManagement – remote building control and monitoring based on user defined criteria to manage the home and its energy consumption.